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DataView Software Updates

DataView® software provides a convenient way to configure and control power and energy tests from a computer. Through the use of clear and easy-to-use tabbed dialog boxes, all PEL 100 Series functions can be configured and tests can be initiated. Results can be displayed in real-time and stored on a PC. Reports may be printed along with
the operator's comments and analysis.

  • Display real-time data on a PC
  • Configure all PEL 100 Series functions and parameters from your PC
  • Poll multiple energy loggers from your PC
  • Customize views, templates and reports to meet specific needs
  • Export data to spreadsheets
  • Zoom in and out and pan through sections of the graph to analyze the data
  • Display trend graphs, harmonic spectrums, text summaries and event logs
  • Print reports using predefined or user designed custom templates
  • Selectively review values, phases or total network recordings
  • Keep track of accumulated energy and cost over time
  • Create user-specific cover sheets for reports that identify specific data that
    includes operator, tests site and narrative associated with the data

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